The White Women, or commonly referred to as "the Daughters of Death", are the spirits that take the soul of a slowly dying person to Death.

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After Mo was shot by Mortola, the White Women had gone after him, but were hindered from taking him with them by Resa. Mo later made a deal with the Adderhead. He binds the White Book, and thus kept Death from taking the Adder as long as the book exists. When Farid briefly died, Dustfinger, who had grown attached to him, was devastated; thus, he drew fire to attract the attention of the White Women, as they loved fire. Following an old legend, Dustfinger traded his life for Farid's.[1]

Resa was restless for her home and was desperate because Mo had become the the Bluejay and was thus constantly putting himself in danger by helping the common people. Resa asked Orpheus to write them home, but in exchange, Orpheus wanted Mo to risk his life, and summon the White Women. Orpheus intended to trick both Resa and Mo, in fact writing that the White Women would take Mo in exchange for Dustfinger. Although the White Women really did appear and take Mo, they didn't bring Dustfinger back, leaving Orpheus with nothing. Instead, the White Women took Mo to Death, for she wanted a word with him about making the Adderhead invincible. After striking the deal with Death, the White Women hesitated to release Mo. However, Mo managed to convince Death to give him Dustfinger back, too, not knowing that Dustfinger was content in the company of the White Women, without any agony or memory.[2]

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