Hello Inkworld fans!

Do you know the app and website Amino? There you can join so-called Aminos, which are basically communities with the same interests as you!

Now why am I telling you this? Because there is also a Inkworld amino! At the moment, there are very few people (but they are all very nice), so am always glad to see new members. In this amino, we write blogs about the Inkworld, chat with each other share our favourite quotes, make polls, have challenges and we even try to continue the story with role play. However, at the moment everything is still developing and I am always open to suggestions.

So, if you like the Inkworld (which you probably do, because you are on this website), why don't you give it a try and sigh up to Amino and join our small community! (The Amino ID is Inkworld190, just type that into the search bar and you will be able to find us)

I myself have be a fan of Inkheart since over 12 years. It was my favorite book as a child and to be honest, I haven't found a better one since then. However, the books have been untouched on my book shelf for a few years. But two months ago, I opend Inkdeath on a random page and stared reading. I felt like coming home after a long time.

Shortly afterwards, I discovered Amino and then the Inkworld Amino. At that time, it looked as if the community wasn't active anymore. But, I was able to revive it a bit and also became one of the "leaders" of said Amino.

I hope that this blog caught your interest and that we can chat with each other very soon on Amino! (I am also called Trixane's World there :) )

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