The 2009 special gift edition of Inkheart. Cover illustration by Carol Lawson and Chris McEwan.

Around exactly a year ago, I happened to be fortunate enough to come across the news (at that time indeed considered as "news") via the wonderful interview - "Beyond the mirror" (Be sure to read it! Really gives you some extra information), I was thrilled to learn that there's more written works about the Inkheart Trilogy, even though they are just short stories. Then days turned into weeks, and I started to think perhaps the English fan base just wasn't big enough, that those short stories wouldn't be published in English after all, and gradually forgot about the whole thing.

And here I am, almost a year later, currently in charge of the Inkheart Wiki, I figured, why not just ask Cornelia Funke, the author who made all of this happened, herself? The worst that can happen is my message being ignored and unanswered, right? So I did, and I got a delightful reply! (BTW, this is not an attempt to self-promot my account, I just figured since I did share my twitter on Wikia profile, there's no real point trying to hide it.)

User-Xxsammmsammmxx-1-Cornelia's respond.png

So there you go, fellow English speaking fans of the Inkworld! Although she did not specify exactly when we'll finally be able to read or listen to those stories, but at least now it is actually confirmed that it is happening, we WILL get to know those stories in English!

For those who still haven't read the interview and are unsure about what those stories are:

  1. How a book bound in silver brought the Silvertongues to our world (which was created by Alder Elves).
  2. How Orpheus realises that Fenoglio's power exists only in a certain region and that outside of it he can gain power in very different ways.
  3. How Fenoglio learns that Orpheus is still alive and sending his glass man out as a spy.

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