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Believe it or not, I actually found a dried-up piece of salami used as a book mark in one of the latest books I bought, a wonderful nineteenth-century first edition.
Elinor Loredan,
Inkheart, Ch. 4 - A House Full of Books

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Treasure Island[1] is a preexisting work written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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Mortimer Folchart was forced to read Treasure Island. He succeeded in bringing gold, and the act was therefore considered done without a hitch, though an emerald-green lizard was in fact also brought to the real world from the book, and Mo later revealed that he had actually deliberately misread the name of the character "Long John Silver" every time he came across it, hoping to avoid reading him out.[1]

… Georges, and Louises, doubloons and double guineas and moidores and sequins, the pictures of all the kings of Europe for the last hundred years, strange Oriental pieces stamped with what looked like wisps of string or bits of spider’s web, round pieces and square pieces, and pieces bored through the middle, as if to wear them round your neck – nearly every variety of money in the world must, I think, have found a place in that collection; and for number, I am sure they were like autumn leaves, so that my back ached with stooping and my fingers with sorting them out.

Southwest end of Treasure Island.
— Spoken words of the book.

Treasure Island spoke to Mo when he was at Alpine Antiquarian bookshop searching for a copy of Inkheart.[2]


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  • Long John Silver

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