[...], a book with five hundred blank pages. [...]: as long as that book exists you will be immortal. Nothing will be able to kill you, no disease, no weapons - as long as the book remains intact.
Meggie Folchart,
Inkspell, Ch. 59 - The Adderhead

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The Wayless Wood is a forest area in the northern part of Lombrica and located west of Ombra in the Inkworld. It is inhabited by Water Nymphs and other creatures.

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When Orpheus read Dustfinger into the Inkworld from the real world, the Wayless Wood became the place where he was transported to.

It was also the same place where Meggie Folchart, Farid and Gwin appeared when Meggie read them into the Inkworld, as her draft was based on what Orpheus had previously written.