[...], a book with five hundred blank pages. [...]: as long as that book exists you will be immortal. Nothing will be able to kill you, no disease, no weapons - as long as the book remains intact.
Meggie Folchart,
Inkspell, Ch. 59 - The Adderhead

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 |name= Rosanna
 |birthname= Rosanna
 |gender= female
 |job= none

Rosanna was Dustfinger and Roxane's second child, and Brianna's younger sister. She became ill with a fever and died in winter during Dustfinger's ten-year absence from the Inkworld. Worse still, it is believed she, unlike Brianna, who was bitter, would have forgiven Dustfinger for being absent. Dustfinger possibly liked her better than Brianna, which is part of why Brianna was resentful of him.