Raphael Pichey "Rafi" Gavron (born 24 June 1989) is an English-American actor who plays Farid in the film adaptation of Cornelia Funke's Inkheart.

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  • Gavron revealed in a quick FAQ session that he wore a wig (not extension) while playing Farid; he described it as "the most uncomfortable wig [he has] worn in [his] life, the only wig [he has] worn in [his] life, and [he hopes he] never [has] to wear one of them again".[1]
  • Gavron appeared in Inkheart co-star Eliza Bennett's music video, "My Declaration", the song that serves as the end credit theme of the film. The extra footage used in the music video is filmed in England.[2]
    • The relationship of Gavron's character (Farid) and Bennett's character (Meggie) have been somewhat hinted to become romantic.

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