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Mo cut leather and fabric to the right size and re-stiched old pages that over countless years had grown fragile from the many fingers leafing through them.
Inkheart, Ch. 2 - Secrets

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Mortola, also known as "The Magpie", was Capricorn's mother but pretended to be his housekeeper in public.

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Mortola took Basta's job as keeper of the keys for Capricorn. It was said that she always followed Capricorn wherever he moved. Fenoglio revealed that she was actually Capricorn's mother; it wasn't written within the pages of Inkheart, but being the author, he knew and remember the backstories he had for the multiple characters he created.[1]

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Mortola was mortified when her son, Capricorn, had been killed, and would later seek revenge on Mo and Meggie. Mortola, along with her accomplices, broken into Elinor's house, and she got Orpheus to read her and Basta into the Inkworld, also taking Mo and Resa, believing that her son wasn't truly dead and was safely alive back where they were from. She shot Mo when she realized Capricorn truly was gone, and became an ally of the Adderhead, advising him to go after Mo and Meggie, insisting that Mo was the Bluejay. The Adderhead listened and took action, but ignored her warning when Meggie tried to make a deal with him about the Book. It was mentioned that she had her son before marriage.[2]

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She is described as an old woman who has a hooked nose that reminds Meggie of a magpie's beak.

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