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Mortimer Folchart is Meggie's loving father. Her nickname for her father is Mo. Meggie loves her father, and they became very close upon her mother's disappearance. Meggie also takes after her father, both being Silvertongues, and both share a love of reading. She is closer to Mo than Resa, as she has known him longer and often feels angry with Teresa for taking him away from her.

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Resa is Meggie's mother. She and Meggie don't appear to be as close to each other as Mo and Meggie are, though this is mainly because Resa was not with Meggie for the majority of her childhood. Meggie often feels angry with Teresa throughout the series because she feels that "she is taking Mo away from her".

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Throughout the whole series, Meggie has had feelings for Farid, and he has had feelings for her in return. In Inkdeath, however, Meggie begins to feel that Farid is more attached to Dustfinger than her, and rejects him in favor of Doria.

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Meggie meets Doria, one of the Motley Folk, and befriends him. He is very kind to her, giving her flowers and cheering her up when she is sad. She eventually realizes that their love for each other is stronger than the love between her and Farid, and rejects Farid in Doria's favor. Doria, in Inkdeath, was felled by a battle wound in the head, and was out for several days. When he wakes up, he makes a miniature airplane, such as Meggie described to him, making Farid jealous.

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Farid is better