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Hello! With all the editing that needs to be done, below is a list of to-be-contributions that would be especially greatly appreciated!

Top priority at the moment

Please take time to read the Community-corner post!

Due to the fact that files cannot be transmitted via export/import and can only be done downloading/uploading mandatorily, if editing articles is not your thing but you would still like to help, please consider helping out by getting those images to our wiki!

  • REPLACE (click on "Upload a new version of this file") [a] with [b]
  • NEWLY UPLOAD and name [the image] as [title]
    • [5] as [Inkheart promotional image - Farid]
    • [6] as [Inkheart promotional image - Capricorn]
    • [7] as [Inkheart promotional image - Elinor 2]

Convert content to in-universe writing

Please help converting all the content on pages that are NOT categorized as Out of universe to in-universe writing!

Proper citation

  • Please help properly citing all the content on EVERY page!
    • If you are unfamiliar with how to cite, please check out Inkheart Wiki:How-to guide#How to cite.
    • If you see information that you feel dubious and unsure of its credibility AND there is no citation provided as reference for the statement, feel free to add {{cite}} after the punctuation mark of the questionable sentence, so that others will know this is something that needs to be verified and properly cited.

Finish typing reference quotes from Inkspell and Inkdeath

Help finish typing the reference quotes on:

Honestly... if YOU are browsing this page and want to help but not being good at editing with your own words, THIS IS THE JOB FOR YOU! You literally just type according to what's written in your copy of the trilogy!

Place the character template onto the following characters

Fill {{character}} with correct information:

Elaborate information about the following characters

Add summaries to the chapters of the trilogy

As of now it seems manageable to put the summaries all within the book pages; if it gets too lengthy later, it can be separated, but please don't do it before getting confirmation.

Create pages and add info about the following characters

Create pages and add info about the following locations

  • Capricorn's Fortress
  • Carandrella
  • Carla