Inkheart is a fictional book written by Fenoglio. The book is where a lot of the major characters of originate from, namely those who were read aloud by Mortimer Folchart, and also those still reside there. The world within the fictional book was nicknamed by Meggie Folchart as the "Inkworld."

HistoryModify the text

When Capricorn was read out of the book and gradually gained supporters, he seeked to destroy every copy of the book and almost succeeded, other than a few remaining (as well as the original manuscript).

About the bookModify the text

According to Fenoglio, the book title was named after the "black, evil heart" of the antagonist of the story, Capricorn.

PlotModify the text

The plot of Inkheart is largely unknown, though it has a rich and diverse world, and seems to follow Dustfinger and his pet, Gwin, quite a lot, leading up until the former's death inside the Spelt-Mill at the end of the book. Capricorn also is seen as a fairly central antagonist. There's also an evil duke and a part with the Shadow mentioned.[citation needed]

ChaptersModify the text

There must be at least 20 or 17 chapters.[citation needed]

IllustrationsModify the text

The book includes many illustrations of medieval castles, etc.[citation needed] An illustration of Gwin and another of Dustfinger are also featured in the book, and a part with the party in Ombra Castle, along one of the castle which was rebuilt in Capricorn's Village to match the illustration.[citation needed]

Behind the scenesModify the text

  • The fictional book is the primary focus of the Inkheart trilogy, and the name upon which the first book, Inkheart, and ultimately, it is referred as the name of the entire trilogy in certain English-speaking countries.

Film portrayalModify the text

Mo holding Inkheart

Mo holding a copy of Inkheart.

True to the book, Capricorn has destroyed almost all copies of the book. However, Mo is able to find a copy in a small bookstore, and Capricorn also has a copy. Fenoglio still has the manuscript kept away.

Behind the scenesModify the text

  • In the film, when Mo finds the book in a bookstore, due to budget constraints on the film, the copy merely has the same page repeated over and over.