The woman who came out was older than Mo, quite a lot older-although Meggie could never be sure how old grown-ups were. Her face reminded Meggie of a bulldog, but perhaps that was more her ferocious expression than its features. She wore a mouse-gray sweater and an ash-gray skirt, with a pearl necklace around her short neck and felt slippers on her feet, the kind of slippers Meggie had once had to wear when she and Mo had visited a historic castle. Elinor's hair was gray, too. She had pinned it up, but strands were hanging down everywhere as if she had done it impatiently and in a hurry. She didn't look as if she had spent much time in front of a mirror.
— Meggie's observation about Elinor's appearance, Inkheart, Ch. 4 - A House Full of Books