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Gwin is Dustfinger's pet, a horned marten from the Inkworld.


Gwin was read out from Inkheart along with Dustfinger, Basta, and Capricorn.

Gwin was revealed to be usually kept inside of Dustfinger's backpack. Gwin first appeared when Dustfinger showed him to Meggie Folchart in the camper van. In Elinor's massive library, Meggie saw an illustration in the book, Inkheart that was eerily similar to Gwin. It was being shown on the letter, N, which made her curious about Gwin's origin. It seemed to contradict Dustfinger telling her Gwin's horns weren't real and he was a performer. Dustfinger betrayed Meggie, Elinor, and Mo and they got locked up. Then Dustfinger, feeling remorse and realizing he wasn't going to get Inkheart, freed them and made their escape. Farid, a boy read out of A Thousand and One Nights, came too. Gwin eventually took a liking to Farid. Dustfinger found out that his death was to be caused by Gwin, for Fenoglio wrote the story of Inkheart as an unspecified fire-raiser chased after Gwin (trying to kill him) and that Dustfinger tried to save him, but ended up dying.[1]

Knowing this, Dustfinger intentionally left Gwin behind when he went back to Inkworld when Orpheus read him back. Gwin, Meggie and Farid were all read into the Inkworld by Meggie. Gwin took a disliking to Dustfinger's new marten, Jink who Dustfinger picked up when he returned home. When Dustfinger died, Roxane had only let Gwin come with her to see Dustfinger's body. Gwin lived in Roxane's house with Dustfinger's body, chasing Farid off, like he believed Farid was the cause of death to his master.[2][3]


Gwin is a marten who is slick and agile. He seems to have a high level of intelligence, knowing Meggie wanted her elvish letters delivered to Mo when she was captured by Capricorn. He likes to kill and hunt animals, though it disgusts Meggie. Gwin is attached to Dustfinger and takes a liking to Farid. Roxanne, Dustfinger's wife didn't like him until he helped chase Farid off from their house and away from Dustfinger's body. She even let him in the house! Gwin dislikes Jink, Dustfinger's new marten and hisses at him often.

Physical attributes[]

Gwin is a Marten. He is about the size of a rabbit, though much more slender, with a bushy tail and beady black eyes. He also has two distinct horns protruding from behind his ears. In the movie he is a ferret instead of a marten and helps steal the keys from Mortola, unlike in the book.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the 2008 film Inkheart, Gwin was a ferret instead of a marten.

Gwin on Dustfinger's shoulder.