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Farid, when first brought into the real world, thought of himself as an outcast and joins Dustfinger, another outcast. He is amazed by Dustfinger's fire skills and eventually learns a few fire tricks from him.

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He had affectionate feelings for Meggie, and expressed his feelings for her and they were somewhat a couple for a period of time, however, after Dustfinger's death, Farid became obsessed with finding ways to bring him back, and worked for Orpheus, thus barely spending time with Meggie. Their separation became permanent when Meggie decided to give Doria a chance, leaving Farid brokenhearted.

RoxaneModify the text

... and Dustfinger's with his minstrel woman again. He kisses her so often you'd think her lips taste like honey.
Farid complaining to Meggie Folchart, Inkdeath, Ch. 80 - Ombra

When meeting Dustfinger's wife, Roxane, Farid showed obvious signs of jealousy, for her looks, kindness, and smartness, that and most importantly, Dustfinger tended to be with Roxane most of the time.

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