[...], a book with five hundred blank pages. [...]: as long as that book exists you will be immortal. Nothing will be able to kill you, no disease, no weapons - as long as the book remains intact.
Meggie Folchart,
Inkspell, Ch. 59 - The Adderhead

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The cover art for each book of the Inkheart trilogy is cohesive within the same edition. Throughout the years, there are several different editions within different countries.

  • Abbreviations:
    • HC: hardcover
    • PB: paperback
    • E: eBook

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The original German books were published by Cecilie Dressler Verlag.

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  • Published by: Gallimard Jeunesse

Italy Modify the text

  • Published by: Mondadori

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2009 PB & E covers

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2011 PB & E covers

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