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[...], a book with five hundred blank pages. [...]: as long as that book exists you will be immortal. Nothing will be able to kill you, no disease, no weapons - as long as the book remains intact.
Meggie Folchart,
Inkspell, Ch. 59 - The Adderhead

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Doria is the younger half-brother of the Strong Man (Lazaro), who helps the Motley Folk gathering news as his young age is easy to blend in the crowd and less suspicious-looking. In the book it's said that he has brown hair and darkened eyes.

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Doria was partial to Meggie and grew to have romantic feelings for her. Meggie was unsure how she felt towards him, torn between him and Farid.[1]

Later, Fenoglio revealed that he had written a short story that was never printed about a man named Doria who made wonderful inventions, like a printing machine for a famous bookbinder, a device that told time and electricity. Fenoglio wrote that Doria got his ideas from his wife, who came from a far away land. Fenoglio said that he believed that the wife was Meggie. Meggie also realized that Farid's heart truly belonged to Dustfinger and learning to control fire. These were the two deciding factors in her decision to separate from Farid, and turn to Doria. It is unknown if Meggie actually married him.[2]

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