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Cosimo "the Fair" was the charismatic son of The Laughing Prince.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He was married to Violante and together they had a son, Jacopo. Cosimo died when he and his men went to the fire-raisers' camp and was burned to death. When Cosimo's body was returned to The Laughing Prince, his father didn't believe that he was truly dead. The Laughing Prince kept Cosimo's body for a long time before finally burying him.[citation needed]

The second life of "Cosimo"[edit | edit source]

Cosimo was "brought back to life" by Fenoglio and Meggie Folchart in hopes of putting the Inkworld back in order. However, what was brought back was not the former, therefore, real, Cosimo. This "Cosimo" didn't remember all the memories that the original Cosimo possesed, so he had to have constant reminders by his family. He too, did not love Violante anymore than the version he was intended to be, and was drawn to Brianna instead, who returned the feelings. Jacopo didn't worship Cosimo like he was expected to, and actually didn't care that his father was supposedly back. "Cosimo" mysteriously returning to life also upset the Adderhead, as he was about to take the place of The Laughing Prince, causing a war to begin. "Cosimo" was killed a second time in this war, leading to Dustfinger seeing two of him in the state of dead.

Physical attributes[edit | edit source]

Cosimo was said to be extremely attractive, described as such as "beautiful".

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Violante: Cosimo was married to Violante in his first life.
  • Brianna: "Cosimo" shared affectionate feelings with Brianna in his second life, and Brianna shared the feelings. It was said that after Cosimo died the second time Brianna wore a coin with his face around her neck and kissed it often.
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