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Cloud-Dancer was one of the members of the Motley Folk and an old friend of Dustfinger's.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Being a strolling player[edit | edit source]

It was revealed that prior to Dustfinger's disappearance, Cloud-Dancer and him had a nice friendship as they knew eachother mostly through what they did for a living, both being strolling players and a part of the Motley Folk, with Cloud-Dancer as the tightrope-walker, and Dustfinger as the fire-eater.[2]

During Dustfinger's absence[edit | edit source]

Cloud-Dancer became crippled deliveryman, whose previous professional life ended when a market trader threw a cabbage at him, causing him to fall off of his rope and injure his left leg badly. He broke his leg and several ribs. He had a bad limp, but he could still manage to get around on foot. After his injury, he made a living delivering letters and such to people. Although his speed was slow, he was a very trusted messenger, so many people still paid him to deliver messages.[2]

Death[edit | edit source]

Cloud-Dancer first delivered a message from Meggie Folchart to Fenoglio; unfortunately, when he was set to deliver Fenolio's reply, Cloud-Dancer was ambushed by Basta, who interrogated him, trying to get Cloud-Dancer to tell him what the message said. Cloud-Dancer told Basta truthfully that he couldn't read, but Basta didn't believe it. Cloud-Dancer attempted to run, but as he had one stiff leg, he didn't get far before Basta caught up and thrust his knife through Cloud-Dancer's back, ultimately killing him. Fenoglio hid himself during the entire process, unable to do anything; he felt completely remorse about risking Cloud-Dancer's life to send the letter, and having to see one of his proudly created characters die in front of him.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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