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Capricorn was, in his former world, a fire-raiser. He had his own stronghold in the woods between Ombra and the Adderhead's realm, Argenta, and commanded a big household, including his men who, amongst others, committed arson for him.

His life[edit | edit source]

It is told that he had an abusive father that would punish him every time he would catch him doing something nice or weeping from the harsh wounds he was given. His father has been revealed to be a blacksmith. Capricorn had proceeded to become cold and heartless. His mother who goes by the name of Mortola was genuinely proud of his toughness and followed him everywhere "like a faithful dog" (meaning how dog's follow their masters when they are faithful to them). She had truly loved him (being a mother). Capricorn had always been ashamed of his parents, thus lying that they came from a noble palace back in the first book.[citation needed]

When he was read into the real world by Mortimer Folchart along with Dustfinger and Basta, he travelled to his present village in Italy. Capricorn used to serve under the Adderhead, but when he was read into our world, he became the leader of a band of old fire-raisers, including Basta, Flatnose, and his mother Mortola, who lived disguised as Capricorn's maid in the real world. Over time, Capricorn became quite influential in our world, which was mostly based on blackmail and threats. His goal was to find Mortimer and all copies of Inkheart. In contrast to Dustfinger, he didn't want to get back into the Inkworld but instead wanted to destroy all copies so no one could ever send him back. All he wanted from Mortimer was that he read him valuables and The Shadow into the real world. He was eventually killed by his own minion, the Shadow, who had been controlled by Meggie at the time. [citation needed]

Body[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Capricorn is an utterly heartless, and selfish character, and would kill someone in a heartbeat. He loves duct tape and thinks it comes handy in making enemies quiet.[citation needed]

Other Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike Dustfinger, Capricorn loved this new world better than the one he was born in.
  • The only thing Capricorn has been stated to be afraid of is death.
  • He doesn't care for any of his fire-raisers, and thinks them idiots for being so loyal to him.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

  • In the film adaptation of Inkheart, although Capricorn is mostly shown to be bald, he appeared to have black hair in a flashback.
  • In the book Inkheart, his eyes are described as a bright, piercing blue
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