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Brianna is the daughter of Dustfinger and Roxane.

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During the years of her childhood that Dustfinger was in the Inkworld, Brianna resented him for the fact that he was always gone traveling with the strolling players. Her relationship with her mother became strained when she elects to go work for the royal family, whom Roxane believed to be dishonest and unhonorable. Likewise Brianna had been angry with her father after Dustfinger returns to the Inkworld, believing that he voluntarily left Roxane due to the fact that he was unable to explain the true circumstances of his disappearance.

When Violante heard her sing one day, she promoted her from kitchen maid to her personal companion. As such Brianna kept Violante company, sang for her and played with her son Jacopo. After Fenoglio persuaded Meggie to read Cosimo back from the dead Brianna fell in love with him and he with her. This caused Violante to dismiss Brianna from her service, but later she realized that she was lonely without Brianna and Violante asked her to come back, which Brianna eventually did.[citation needed]

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She had the beautiful voice of her mother and the red hair of her father.[citation needed]

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