This article is about the fictional character Fenoglio created for the sole purpose of retaliating the Adderhead in the form of poetries and songs. For the basis of this fictional character, see Mortimer Folchart.

The Bluejay was a fictional character Fenoglio wrote about in his poems while his times of glory as court poet.

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Fenoglio modeled the Bluejay on Mortimer Folchart, and the character is supposed to be the protector of the strolling players and peasants like the Black Prince. Fenoglio created him in the image of Mo, tall with hair as dark as moleskin and highly skilled with swords and knives. In Inkdeath there is a direct quote to "The Bluejay songs" that Fengolio wrote.

Evolving beyond being a fictional characterModify the text

At the end of Inkspell, the Black Prince gives Mo a mask that they made that they didn't want anymore, because the Adderhead posted a wanted sign that includes whoever turns in the Bluejay gets a reward of Mo's weight in silver and they will immediately get hanged, yet, unfortunately the Adderhead makes no exceptions for fakes, which later led to his imprisonment in the Adderhead's castle.

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[...], a book with five hundred blank pages. [...]: as long as that book exists you will be immortal. Nothing will be able to kill you, no disease, no weapons - as long as the book remains intact.
Meggie Folchart,
Inkspell, Ch. 59 - The Adderhead

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Known People who Took on the TitleModify the text

  • The Black Prince:
  • Mortimer Folchart: Mo had actually become the Bluejay for a period of time, but in the end preferred to be a simple bookbinder, husband, and father. One of Mo's quotes while he is the Bluejay is: "There could be few men whose love for a woman has been written on his face with a knife."[citation needed]
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TriviaModify the text

  • In Inkdeath, at the beginning of chapter 28, there is a direct quote to "The Bluejay Songs" that Fengolio wrote. 

Behind the scenesModify the text

  • In the film adaptation, a specific conversation is a hint about the Bluejay, though the characteristic and purpose of which are fairly different from the books:
Fenoglio: "Your father's given me an idea for a character. A master thief who steals things......the way a blue jay swipes shiny objects off window sills."
Mo: "I am not trying to steal them."
Fenoglio: "You snatched them. You're trying to keep them from me. That, my friend, is thievery."
Fenoglio to Mortimer Folchart when the latter tried to stop him from meeting Dustfinger.[src]